Tobeit combines Italian food and design to give a complete product to the customer who wants to enjoy beauty, functionality and taste made in Italy. We put the work of our artisans in our system, each one specialized in its own sector, to give a unique product. Our “turnkey” jobs could also be Italian hotels and restaurants in the world. In fact, we offer them, in addition to the realization of the spaces, the continuity of the relationship with advice and supply of food.

The skill of the industrial sector, which are combined with an accurate knowledge of the territory, resources and local craft, allow the Studio to create an innovative and detailed Design.

Italian excellences

TO BE IT is the essence of Italian style, quality and beauty between art and technique, tradition and experimentation. A dense network of local artisans allows us to create bespoke designs, exclusive to the customer. Our strength is the perfect union between Design, Materials and Food 100% made in Italy.
We take care of every detail, from the exclusivity of furnishing objects to the quality and taste of Italian food and wine products.

Customized Design

We use exclusive materials, typical of the Mediterranean area, to make customized products. The studio also offers a collaboration service to all architecture and design studios that want to propose Italian style in the world.

Italian Design

Our design is a lifestyle. It is the true Italian design. It is research, functionality, art, fashion, prestige, cultural identity. Our projects have been born for many years of expertise in the industrial sector, knowledge of craft production techniques and strong aesthetic sense.


The continuous research and the international presence enables us to use high quality materials with great appeal.


Our products have high quality certifications and represent Italian excellence in the world.
We have selected the best flours and the best Italian pasta. The oil and olives come from the Valle del Belice, land of the Cultivar Nocellara del Belice, and have excellent organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.
Wine, beer and jams are carefully selected among thousands of products based on taste, reliability and genuineness criteria.
You can ask us for the characteristics of the product you are interested in.


Houses and commercial premises,
Buildings for public use (museums, libraries, sports facilities, etc.),
Offices and work spaces,
Places for public or private entertainment,
Industrial areas and industrial warehouses.


Interior Design

Exclusive design,
Custom-made furniture items,
Creative union between industry and local craftsmanship.



Analysis of the actual situation,
Territorial and urban planning,
Urban and territorial transformation projects,
Environmental assessments,
Urban design.



Metal products,
Energy infrastructures for the generation of energy from urban waste,
Biogas plants,
Structural calculations,
Energy certifications.



Web Site,
Social media management.




Urban Planning

The Studio

Our studio was born in Sicily, an island of southern Italy famous for its historical and landscape beauties, for good food, perhaps the best in the world, and for its craftsmanship excellence.
In a few years, thanks to the quality of the products and the continuous search for opportunities on a global scale, we have expanded our offices and now we are also present in Dubai.

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

Thomas Alva Edison